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Flipit scans millions of properties to determine the best flipping opportunities in the market!

How it Works

Find it

Using a proprietary search technique, Flipit scans the nationwide housing market to identify the most profitable flipping opportunities.

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Flip it

After a property has been identified, Flipit helps walk you through the flipping process with forecasting, budgeting and project management tools.

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Sell it

Flipit automates the selling process, generating a new listing with all your upgrades in a format compatible with all major listing sites.

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find it

There are Opportunities Everywhere.

The hardest part of flipping a property is finding the right one. Using a patent pending search technique, Flipit finds it for you!

To do this, Flipit filters out negative yielding properties, assigning the remaining ones a Flip-ability score between 0 and 5.

flip it

Manage it all from one place.

Once a property is selected, Flipit automatically builds a unique project list, outlining the estimated value added, costs, difficulty, and materials.

Combined with budgeting and scheduling features, Flipit makes the flipping process simple.

sell it

Generate a listing in seconds.

As modifications are made to the property, Flipit automatically generates and updates the property’s profile. This “live template” incorporates all the completed projects and adjusts the estimated value of the home accordingly.

Once you are ready to sell, you can export the listing to all major listing sites.

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